Dinner With... Updates and an Alt Packing List

Wow! There was a huge response to the Dinner With... program and spots filled up within a few minutes. Hooray! This is a new program and we weren't sure what to expect. We're busily working to open more spots and we'll let you know right away when they're available. Thank you for your enthusiasm!
Feel like you're missing out on the fun Wednesday evening? Don't fret. There are lots of different options. Some people are organizing their own dinner outings, some are filling the Dinner With... spots and some are going out with sponsors. Others are staying in their hotel room, ordering room service and watching a made for TV movie. There's no wrong way to spend your Wednesday evening.
If you won't be coming into town until Thursday morning, that's okay too. The conference doesn't officially begin until 9 AM. 

Feeling more settled about Wednesday evening? Good. Now let's talk about important stuff: What are we going to wear? We've seen your tweets and know you're wondering the same thing. For inspiration, check out these Flickr sets from last year's summit here and here. If you need help organizing your suitcase, you can print out this packing list created by the wonderful Kelly of Design Crush.

Don't worry, even if you're no fashionista, you'll still be welcome at Alt Summit in whatever you're wearing. We can't wait to see you!