It's Hip to be Square

We are excited to introduce Squarespace as an Alt sponsor!  Squarespace is a fully-hosted, completely-managed environment for creating and maintaining a website, blog or portfolio.  Squarespace is for bloggers.  Businesses large and small.  Authors.  Teachers.  Lawyers.  Doctors.  Squarespace's flexible platform can power sites of all sizes.

They give you full control over your content and site customization. You can build it 10X faster on their comprehensive platform. Truly.  
Also, their support system is strong, fast and comprehensive; this is reason enough to be on Squarespace.
Check Squarespace out, follow them on twitter (@Squarespace) and read their blog.  You can even try them for two weeks for free. 
BTW, Alt has always been hosted by Squarespace.  We loved Squarespace long before they were a sponsor of Alt.  They are excited to connect with you at the Alt Summit.  But don’t wait until then.  Check them out today!
Image by frozenchipmunk