Some FAQs.

 Q. Is the Alt Summit Agenda posted?


A. Yes. And we think you'll love it. Take a look and start planning which classes you'll attend. Which panels will help you grow your site/blog/business/etsyshop/studio. Which topics will make you the next superstar.




Q. Are the Alt Summit Speakers too good to be true?


A. Possibly. They are definitely out-of-site fantastic. Want to know more about them? We've made it easy. Just follow the Alt Speaker Twitter List.




Q. Are there still hotel rooms at Grand America with Alt Summit pricing?


A. Yes. Sort of. The original block of rooms at the Grand America reserved for Alt Attendees has been filled. But the hotel has been working with us to open up a few more. Best chance at an Alt Summit Discount room? Call Grand America (800 621 4505) and ask for the Alt Summit Discount.





If that doesn't work, we've listed other great options on the Alt site here.






So Many Questions from Orin Zebest