Solitude Ski Passes

 Did you know that every Alt Summit attendee will receive a FREE full-day ski pass to Solitude Mountain Resort? That's a pretty fantastic freebie. Especially if you ski or snowboard. Or snowshoe. Or enjoy sitting be a fire in a rustic lodge. While you sip hot cocoa. Because it turns out there is something for everyone at Solitude's beautiful alpine village. Check your Alt Summit Welcome Bag for your Solitude Coupon and instructions on how to claim your free ski pass.


Need a ride to the mountain? Ski enthusiasts will meet in the Grand America Hotel Lobby early on Saturday morning. Plan to grab a ride with a transportation-ready ski buddy or pick a spot in Solitude's Ski Shuttle.







Not a ski bum? Go ahead and sleep in on Saturday, then hang out with us at the After Summit. The After Summit is all about casual networking and discussion (and continental breakfast) with fellow attendees, before you head home. This will be very unstructured, so feel free to drop by for a few minutes or stay the whole morning.



A very laidback end to a very cool weekend.