Let the Wild Rumpus Start!

Epic parties are a long-standing tradition at Alt Summit conferences. Our parties have included everything from a life-sized clue board to break dancing lessons, to gigantic bugs, to star-gazing. At our upcoming event, the epic-ness will continue with Thursday night’s party, and for the first time ever, we'll be suggesting that attendees dress down instead of up. 

It’s called a TASK party and it’s all about encouraging inspiration through creating, making, and socializing. Picture a vast room as a blank slate. Picture a giant stack of materials. Picture personal challenges submitted by partygoers for other partygoers. We're pretty sure this will be the most memorable Alt Summit party yet! 

The dress code is comfortable, and we’re not kidding. Think yoga pants, a comfortable pair of jeans, a worn t-shirt. Get ready to do something brave and amazing with all of your new best friends. Let the wild rumpus start!

And hey, speaking of parties, if you missed the newsletter about the Poolside Welcome Party happening Tuesday night, you can check it out here.


We're over the moon Hayneedle will be joining us at the upcoming conference! Hayneedle knows that home is where you create, relax, work, live, and love – it's an expression of you. As one of the nation's leading online retailers of home furnishings and décor, hayneedle.com is your destination for continued inspiration, providing the perfect pieces to complement any style or space – both inside and out. 

They look forward to discussing potential partnerships for all things home, as well as sharing some exciting plans for 2017, which will be announced at this year’s Alt Summit! Start the conversation with them today on FacebookPinterestInstagram, and Twitter @hayneedle.

Alt couldn't be more excited to welcome Vitamix to our event for the first time! Real food sustains us, inspires us, and fuels us to be our best. For over 75 years, Vitamix has made eating for well-being faster, easier and a whole lot more delicious. Vitamix believes in experimenting with recipes and sharing ideas to create conversation and connections – that’s where you come in! 

Stop by to say hi, join Vitamix as they host morning yoga, grab a smoothie and chat with their team about becoming a part of the Vitamix blogger community. And if you plan on participating in yoga, let us know so Vitamix can offer you the most rejuvenating experience possible!

Over and over again, we hear that authenticity is the key to successful blogging. But each blog or brand has the flexibility to interpret their own authentic voice. So what does this really mean? We asked three Alt Alums to explain how they have been able to maintain an authentic voice while representing their brand. 

Alexandra Evjen – Ave Styles
I make sure to say what I mean and mean what I say. I really listen to my gut, and I only share things that I feel compelled to share. I "check myself" before I post anything, make anything, or accept any partnerships. And, sometimes that means saying "no" to great opportunities because my integrity and my voice matters the most. If I lose that I don't have a business anymore because people will start to lose trust in me (brands and my readers).

Dawn Smith – Revel and Glitter  
After 8 years, I've finally rebranded from Not Just A Mommy to Revel and Glitter, plus a whole new look, to finally reflect who I became as a business. When I first started, I had no idea my blog would grow into the entity that it is. It took me a couple of years to find my voice and learn to say no to partnerships and brands that didn't fit into what I was trying to say. Brand integrity was something I didn't realize was so important to building my credibility and being respectful of my readers' time. They came to my blog for a purpose and when I went outside of that, it felt inauthentic and fake. I'm always learning and growing but when I keep that goal in mind, I feel I maintain an authentic voice. 

Andrea Williams – Tubby Todd  
For every joyful moment as a mom there are just as many that are lonely and exhausting, and I've found some days it takes a village to get through it! I just want to shout from the Tubby Todd rooftops that #youvegotthismama and give everyone a fist bump, haha! As a brand we share personal experiences with motherhood (like how frustrating it was when nothing seemed to work for my son's eczema!), and other mom's voices as well. Hopefully these collaborative experiences help women to feel connected and empowered as moms, and realize they're doing better than they think they are.