Why Do You Blog?

Whether you're coming to Alt this year or next ;) we know you'll want to meet our amazing sponsors. These are companies who value what you do online and want to collaborate, cooperate and communicate with you! Watch for introductions all month long.

How do you express yourself? Sometimes not having a way to tell your story can keep you silent. Mixbook’s goal is to give you the tools you need to tell your story. They believe that inside every person is a natural-born storyteller just waiting to be released. MIxbook allows you to design beautiful, custom photo products like books, cards and invitations, and wall art (we’re especially in love with the acrylic and metallic prints). The Mixbook editor is fully customizable with hundreds of unique designs, so you can created to truly reflect your personal style, without being constrained to set templates and layouts. 
Mixbook loves working with bloggers, designers, and creative storytellers. If you’re passionate about design, photography, travel, home décor, or capturing life’s special moments with family and friends, you’ll definitely want to check out Mixbook. Alt attendees, plan to stop by the Mixbook photo booth for a chance to win $250 in Mixbook products! Find them on IG, Facebook, Pinterest or Twitter @Mixbook

Submit your original artwork or photography or ephemera for a display at Simply Framed's Alt Summit booth. And great news: the call for submissions is open to the entire Alt community, not just conference attendees! This is your opportunity to showcase your artwork (with credit, of course) during Alt Summit in one of Simply Framed's timeless frame styles—plus, take your new framed piece home following the event!

This theme for the booth is "THE BLUES." Simply Framed and ALT Summit are accepting submissions for any and all art in any shade of blue. Think oceans, Frank Sinatra eyes, indigo, the sky, sapphires, birds, bruises...you name it. What we'd love to see: original artwork and insanely cool ephemera. Think outside the box! Simply Framed can frame painting, textiles, illustrations, collages, or prints. Photography submission are also accepted - Simply Framed will even print them for you.

The specs: Artwork should be 2-D and no thicker than 1/2". It needs to fit in a 6" x 8" frame. Simply Framed can float and mount pieces that are 4" x 6" and smaller—so think of 4" x 6"  as the max! All submissions are due by 12/27.

How to submit? Simply share your original artwork or ephemera or photographs on Instagram with the hashtag #SimplyALTArt. If your account is not public, you can email your submission to greta@simplyframed.com with the subject line #SimplyALTArt.

Simply Framed will let you know if your piece is something they can frame, and send you a free shipping label or confirm they are printing your photo. The next time you see your artwork, it will be framed on display at Alt Summit, looking mighty fine! One more reminder: This call for submissions is open to the entire Alt community. If you aren't attending Alt Summit, Simply Framed will ship you your custom framed piece of art immediately following the event.

One thing that we love about the Alt Summit community is the fact that we all come from different walks of life, we all started blogs for different reasons, and we all really respect each other's hard work and determination. When you come to an Alt Summit event, you could be sitting next to someone who is just thinking about blogging or a ten-year veteran. Everyone is welcome!

We asked three Alt Alums: What lead you to the blogging/online business world? 
Each of their responses made us smile!

Megan Flynn Peterson - Freckled Italian
I was an English major in college, and I never really knew what I wanted to do with my life other than write. I was working at a coffee shop one winter while home for the holidays, and a local writer asked me if I had started a blog yet. She encouraged me and without even knowing it, she really changed my life, because I went back to school and started my blog right away!
Michelle Petersen - The Mumsy Blog
Starting a blog was sort of a natural life transition for me. Just a year and a half prior to starting The Mumsy Blog, I had stepped away from a career of elementary teaching to raise my then two children (I currently have 4!). During that time I found that the skills I had been using as a teacher and the person that I used to be were starting to get lost in the day to day monotony that can come with raising babies. So, after giving it some thought and talking to other moms who were experiencing the same things I was, I became inspired to start a motherhood lifestyle website that provided an honest place for what motherhood is really like, encouragement to find happiness in those not so fun aspects of motherhood, and rejuvenation for the women we used to be before having kids. And what a journey it has been!

Maya Elious - Maya Elious
I started out in 2008 creating custom Myspace pages helping models, reality TV stars, and music artists grow their online brand. I eventually took my passion for design and serving to become a web and graphic designer and then eventually a branding strategist. My goal has always been to help people succeed in their talents. I started blogging to teach my audience about my experience with making money online and how they could build visibility online.