Time, Time, Time

This time of year often has us feeling overwhelmed with extra projects both at work and home. Three Alt Alums share their best advice for tackling time management in this week's Alt Chatter.

Becky Simpson of Chipper Things
Pick one thing. Set aside 2-3 hours first thing in the day and turn off all distractions. Go all in on that, and everything else you accomplish is a bonus. It's hard to let go of the other 10 things I think I need to do, but when I actually do this, the day always ends with a victory.

Melissa Hagen of Melissa Fancy
Be realistic. Don't over commit yourself, and don't forget to set aside 1 hour a day for yourself. It's so easy to get so caught up in work, that you forget to take care of yourself. But taking care of you should come first, so that you can be your best for your clients AND your family.

Bruno Bornsztein of Curbly
I've tried just about every time management and productivity hack you can name, and none of them have stuck. The most effective thing I've found is to start the day by making a simple list (preferably on paper) of 4-5 things you want to accomplish that day. Then do them. Once you're done with the list, you're done with the day!

Another piece of advice that's really important for bloggers: leave your computer at the office (if you have one), or turn it off (if you don't). Blogging is inherently a job that mixes work and home time, and if you're not careful, it can become all consuming. Checking your Google Analytics stats after dinner? Responding to a reader comment while the kids are getting ready for bed? They are not good habits, and they're hard to break if you let them form. The best way to avoid that stuff is to keep the laptop out of that environment. I'll admit, I'm not always good about this, but sometimes giving advice is the best way of reminding yourself what you should be doing. 

Wishing you a perfectly productive week.