The Importance of a Good Head Shot

By: Julia Fain; Photos by: Brooke Dennis and Justin Hackworth for Alt Summit

When planning to grow a blog, profile pictures have a much greater importance than we give credit. It provides potential readers and brands with an instant connection to who you are, what your site is about, and whether they will return a second time. In short, it can be an instant online elevator pitch. 

I splurged on head shots last year. I connected with Alt Alumni Izzy Hudgins and we wandered around downtown Savannah, GA. I was over the moon happy with the results. A good head shot can do wonders for building your own confidence in your brand.

Seven tips for a Good Head Shot

1. Take a few minutes to define what your site is about, and who your audience is. Are they modern and edgy or timeless and classic? Reflect that look in your profile picture. 

2. Whether you hire a professional photographer or ask your best friend, use natural lighting. Consider taking your pictures outdoors with a minimal backdrop, and skip the flash!

3. Go minimal. Unless you plan to change our profile picture every 6 months (and that could be confusing to your audience), pick clothing and makeup you will be happy seeing for a year or two.

4. Show personality. Have fun and relax! I love the pictures Rachel of the Crafted Life recently took with Sarah of Portraits of the People. They are colorful and embrace Rachel's personality while staying professional and high quality. 

5. Give a first impression. Once your pictures are complete, add that profile picture to the top of your blog and own it. 

6. Be consistent across social media platforms. Twitter, Pinterest, Facebook, Periscope.... it should all show the same profile picture to reemphasize your brand.

7. Consider integrating your head shot into your media kit or even business cards.

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