Friday Links: Finding Your Place

This week we have discussed the purpose of mastermind groups, tips for deciding between a tribe and mastermind group for your brand, and how to start your own. Today we will share a few established online groups!

If you are looking for a place to start: consider joining a tribe first, and ask them for good Mastermind group suggestions. You can also contact the administrator of the Mastermind group, ask for some details about the group to see if its a fit, and find out if they are taking new members.

The following are a few tribe and mastermind groups to consider!

Online Tribes: 

Bold Brilliant Beautiful You is a 100+ group with an emphasis on kindness, support and, encouragement. Administrators include Stacy Teet, Amy Christie, Jennifer Cooper, Jill Dorsey and Andrea Folsom.  

The Motherhoood, hosted by Paige Ray, is a small group of women who discuss creativity, parenting, and daily life.

Blog + Biz BFF's is a place for bloggers and online entrepreneurs to lend support, give feedback, and share advice. Hosted by Melissa Griffin and Tiffany Ima. Sign up here.

Online Mastermind Groups:

The Collective of Us is a paid collective of creative entrepreneurs hosted by Cyndie Spiegel. 

Reina and Co. has a Q4 refresh that includes a weekly curriculum, materials, and private facebook group. 

Dean Street Society has a private facebook group linked though Hilary Rushford's Instagram Class.