How to Start and Maintain a Mastermind Group

By: Julia Fain; Photos by Brooke Dennis for Alt Summit

This week we are talking about Mastermind Groups. On Monday we discussed the value of a small group of people who share a passion for reaching similar goals. And on Wednesday we looked at the differences in a Tribe vs a Mastermind Group. Today we are going to evaluate what it takes to start your own online group!

Tips for Beginning (and Maintaining!) an Online Mastermind Group

Tips for Beginning (and Maintaining!) an Online Mastermind Group

1. Connect with individuals who have similar growth interests for their blogs or brands. This can happen in person at a conference or through social networking, for example a twitter chat. Consider keeping the group small: ideally 5-6 people.

2. Develop rules for engagement. List expectations for commitment, weekly check-in times, keeping things confident, and a process for exiting the group if they no longer want to be in the group or are not actively participating.

3. Develop questions for the group to get to know one another, find out what is working well for them and what areas they need help. Give them a resource (blog post, podcast, group Pinterest board, ect) for tackling some of their needs. 

4. Create a safe space for your group. Private facebook groups work well, and Google Hangout is an online video option.

5. Have established weekly check-ins, and accountability for follow-through.