What is Alt Oasis?

2019 marks 10 years of Alt Summit. To celebrate, the next event will be an expansion of our flagship conference. It's called Alt Oasis – one week of refreshment to last you all year – happening March 24th to 29th, 2019 in Palm Springs, California.

We're doubling the time frame with 6 days of content

We're tripling the size with 2000+ attendees.

We're quadrupling the locations with classes and sponsor spaces at four beloved Palm Springs hotspots the Parker, the Ace, the Saguaro, and the Riviera. Each location is chic, modern and forever cool. 

It's going to be our biggest and best conference yet.

If you'd like to get a sense of the classes and speakers, check out this year’s speaker list.


Where is Alt Oasis taking place?

Short answer: The vibrant, colorful and endlessly instagrammable City of Palm Springs. 

Long answer: Alt Oasis is happening at four landmark hotels in Palm Springs – the Parker, the Ace, the Saguaro, and the Riviera

Classes and sponsor areas will be found at all four locations, and attendees will hop from hotel to hotel throughout the day, depending on their chosen class schedule and activities. The week-long expanded event has a whole new format to celebrate our 10th anniversary.

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What are the dates for Alt Oasis?

Sunday, March 24th through Friday, March 29th 2019. 

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When do tickets go on sale?

Tickets are on sale NOW! Grab one here.

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Who comes to Alt?

Female entrepreneurs in creative fields, and the people who want to connect with them. Some attendees have been blogging, running a shop, or building their social media following for years. Others just opened an Instagram account yesterday. And still other are thinking about launching a website next month. There are no pre-reqs for attendees.

Attendees are kind, open-minded, smart, and design-conscious. They are looking for opportunities to follow their passion, find meaningful work, and contribute positively to the world. They are intentional about their life and their purchases. They freely share what they've learned, and love to connect with others in real ways.

Alt Oasis is where you'll find your people.

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How much does it cost?

For our 10-year anniversary celebration, Alt Oasis, we're expanding our flagship event to 6 days. That's right. Twice as long, with twice the content. Does that mean we doubled the ticket price too? Nope. Not at all. Instead, we've kept ticket prices as low as possible to make sure you're getting the most value possible. 

Plus, we're offering a block of discounted Alumni Tickets (available to those who have attended any Alt Summit conference, including Alt Together) for a limited time.

Ticket prices for Alt Oasis 2019 (ticket prices increase starting in November, see chart below):

Individual Ticket – $849

Business Ticket – $1800

Not sure whether you should register as a business or an individual? If you're employed by a company (with 10 or more employees) who is sending you to Alt Summit to represent their business and make connections on their behalf, then register for a business ticket. If you're still not sure, email registration@altitudesummit.com with your situation and we can help you clarify which ticket is best for you.

Beginning in November, the price of Individual Tickets and Business Tickets will increase each month. Look at the chart below and register today!


Tickets are on sale NOW! Grab one here

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What does my ticket include?

Full access to all six days of content including keynotes, screenings, performances, panels, classes, roundtables, and workshops.

Full access to parties, cocktail hours, and networking meet-ups. 

Full access to pop-up shops, book signings, the sponsor marketplace, art experiences, photo opps, lounges, and beauty bars. 

A unique, curated gift bag with goodies from our favorite brands.

Plus access to optional bonus content like field trips, pop-up meet ups, deep dive long-format workshops, and sponsored dinners. 

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What's your refund policy?

If you’ve purchased a ticket and can no longer attend, you can request a 50% refund until February 22th, 2019. After February 22, no refunds will be given. Alt Oasis tickets are non-transferrable and cannot be sold or moved to a future year. Business tickets cannot be refunded.

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Where should I stay?

We've negotiated discounted hotel blocks at four fantastic Palm Springs properties: Parker Palm Springs, The Riviera, The Saguaro, and Ace Hotel. Based on vibe and budget, go ahead and choose whichever hotel works best for you.

Each location will have classes and content you won't want to miss. Though you'll only be sleeping at one of the hotels, we're intentionally designing the schedule so that by the end of the week, you'll get the chance to enjoy the special perks and features of each property. 

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When can I book my hotel room?

You can book a hotel room now! Go here to see a rundown of each hotel and the advantages to staying at each one.

Please note, there is a 5-day minimum night stay for these hotels. If you'd like to find a roomie to split a room with, consider connecting in the Alt Summit Facebook group.

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Will transportation be available?

Yes! There will be shuttles running continuously between hotels. If you choose to rent a car or drive to Palm Springs, there is plenty of parking at each location.

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What airport should I fly into?

The Palm Springs airport is conveniently located just minutes from all four hotels and downtown Palm Springs.

If that doesn't work for you, we've also found affordable flights into Ontario and LAX. From both of those locations, it's about a 2 hour drive to Palm Springs. You can rent a car, catch an Uber, or carpool with a fellow attendee.

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When should I arrive/depart?

Plan to check in to your hotel room on Sunday, March 24th and check out on Friday, March 29th. Programming starts at 2:00pm on Sunday. Friday programming will conclude mid-day.

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Should I bring my kids?

The schedule and activities are designed for grown-up attendees. Babes-in-arms are welcome; any other accompanying family members will require a full paid ticket. 

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Do I need to have my ID with me?

Yes, we will need a government issued form of ID to check you into the conference.

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Do I need to sign-up for classes before the conference?

You do not need to sign-up for panels, workshops, or keynotes before the conference.

There will be opportunities to sign-up ahead of the conference for included bonus content like sponsored dinners and field trips. Registered attendees will be notified of these sign-ups via our newsletter

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How can I find out more details about the conference?

Every year we make announcements leading up to the conference via our newsletter – announcements like keynote speakers, party themes, field trip signups and more. If you're not already subscribed, you can do that here. As Alt Oasis gets closer, we will also post updates on our website. 

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How can I apply to be a speaker?

The official Call for Speakers for the 2019 Alt Oasis is now closed.

Should I buy a ticket now, or wait until I find out if I've been chosen to speak?

If you want to secure a spot at Alt Oasis, we definitely recommend getting your ticket when they go on sale. By the time speakers are announced, chances are high Alt Oasis will already be sold out.

If you're chosen as a speaker, and you've already purchased a conference ticket, a full refund will be made to you right away. So if you want to be at the conference no matter what, it's safest to buy your ticket now.

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How many business cards should I bring?

Business cards are not required, but if you want to connect with others at Alt, they are a great way to do so. Plan on bringing about 150 cards. When you get to the conference, you can find the business card wall and add yours. It's an Alt Summit tradition. 

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How do I join the Facebook group?

Please join us! You can request to join our Altitude Summit Community Facebook Group here where you can meet other attendees and creatives, find a roommate, ask for advice, and share what you're working on. Be aware that Facebook only permits individuals to join groups; we are unable to add your Facebook page.

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Alt Summit has the best sponsors. They come to connect with the amazing content creators in attendance and they're ready to collaborate and make business deals. If you think your company would be a great fit,  please email:  sponsorships@altitudesummit.com

I'm not a sponsor, but my company wants to throw a party or dinner for attendees during the conference. Is that okay?

Actually, that’s a big no. That would be considered Outboarding. Alt Summit doesn’t allow Suitcasing, Outboarding or Partial Outboarding. And participating in any of those activities could mean your conference registration is revoked, and that you may not be able to participate in future events.

In more official terms: No Brand, Marketer, or Agency may host any event, function, training, seminar, focus group or other activity that, in the sole discretion of Alt Summit, competes with Alt Summit.

Not sure what "suitcasing" or "outboarding" means? Want more details? You can see our full brand policy here.

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Can I get a media/press pass for Alt Oasis?

Due to high demand, media passes are limited in number and are pre-reserved for commercial news outlets. Please email presspass@altitudesummit.com to be considered. 

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Who do I contact for questions?

If you have any other questions not answered here, please contact hello@altitudesummit.com 

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What is your privacy policy? Inclusion policy? Brand policy?

Please find our Privacy Policy here.
Please find our Inclusion Policy here.
Please find out Brand Policy here

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