Where is the next Alt Summit taking place?
Salt Lake City, New York City, and San Francisco have all hosted Alt Summit events throughout the years. And it is time to add another city to that list! Announced during our January 2016 conference, we will be moving our flagship event from Salt Lake City to Palm Springs, California! 

What are the dates for the next Alt Summit?
January 31 to February 3, 2017 in sunny Palm Springs, California! 

When do tickets go on sale for Alt Summit?
Tickets went on sale on June 9th and sold out the same day. Subscribe to the newsletter for updates about the next event!

Should I come to Alt?
Yes! You should definitely come. All are welcome. Some attendees have been blogging or building their social media followings for years. Others just opened an Instagram account yesterday. And still others are thinking about launching a website next month. There are no pre-reqs for attendees. 

The commonality seems to be in attitude. Are you ready to learn and to share what you know? Do you want to treat your blog, website, or social media as a business? Then join us at Alt Summit and learn how to do just that. 

We want you here. We will welcome you! When you make the effort to come, we are confident you will find that you belong.

How much does Alt Summit cost?
In the past, tickets have been priced at $625 for individuals - like bloggers, social media influencers and small shop owners (with 3 employees or less). And the past price for business attendees was $2500.

But we have good news: For the upcoming conference we're able to offer the lowest ticket price we've had in years! Just $495 for individuals and $1495 for business attendees. That's a big discount from our last event!

Not sure whether you should register as a business or an individual? If you're employed by a company (with 4 or more employees) who is sending you to Alt Summit to represent their business and make connections on their behalf, then register for a business ticket. If you're still not sure, email registration@altitudesummit.com with your situation and we can help you clarify which ticket is best for you.

What if I need a refund?
Sometimes you buy a ticket, then life happens. We get it! You can receive a refund for your Blogger, Influencer & Micro-Business ticket for a small fee ($50) until January 6, 2017. Or, you can sell your ticket for no fee until January 6, 2017. You handle the transaction, then let us know and we'll transfer the ticket to the new attendee.

If you need a refund after January 6, 2017, you can cancel your ticket and receive a refund for a fee of $195. There will be no refunds after January 23, 2017.

Business ticket holders can receive a refund for a $100 fee until January 6, 2017.  If you need a refund after January 6, 2017, you can cancel your ticket and receive a refund for a fee of $300. There will be no refunds after January 23, 2017.

Contact registration@altitudesummit.com with questions or for assistance.

Will there be an Alt Summer in 2016?
We are not planning an Alt Summer for 2016. Instead, we are focusing on our 2017 winter conference in Palm Springs! 

What is up with business cards at Alt?
Since Alt is a business conference for creative people, we can't say that we were surprised when the business cards that attendees showed up with were the coolest, prettiest, and most fun we'd ever seen. Business cards at Alt Summit can be breathtaking, inspired, practical, funny, or simple. And we have a display wall at the conference where we showcase all of them. 

Business cards are not required, but if you want to connect with others at Alt, they are recommended. Plan on bringing about 200 cards. 

Is fashion a big deal at Alt?
The attendees of Alt Summit have a high level of respect for the others in attendance and show that be looking their best. And some love using the conference as an excuse to up their fashion game. But there is no official dress code, no fashion police on hand, and there are plenty of attendees who don't worry about their latest look. However, if you want to dress up a little, go for it. Oh, and we like your shoes!

How can I apply to be a speaker? 
The official Call for Speakers for the upcoming 2017 event is now closed. 

I heard speakers get a complimentary conference registration. If I want to be a speaker, should I buy a ticket now, or wait until I find out if I've been chosen to speak?
If you want to secure a spot at Alt Summit in Palm Springs, we definitely recommend getting your ticket right away. Speakers will be announced this fall and chances are good we'll be sold out by then. If you're chosen as a speaker, and you've already purchased a conference ticket, a full refund will be made to you right away. So if you want to be at the conference no matter what, it's safest to buy your ticket now.

How do I apply to host a mini party or tour?
The best way to keep informed of contests like these is to subscribe to our newsletter email list and social channels. These opportunities are always open to everyone! 

How do I join the Facebook Attendee Group?
We create a private Facebook group for each of our events so that attendees can meet and mingle before arriving. Shortly after registering for Alt Summit an invitation to the group will be sent to the email address you used when you registered for the event. If you register for Alt with a different email address than the one associated with your Facebook profile, you won’t see the invitation. If you don’t get your invitation, contact Kelly (kelly@altitudesummit.com) and she will add you. Be aware that Facebook only permits individuals to join groups; we won’t be able to invite your Facebook page. 

How do I sponsor a dinner or party at Alt Summit?
Alt Summit has the BEST sponsors! They come to connect with the amazing content creators in attendance and they're ready to collaborate and make business deals. If you think your company would be a great fit,  please email:  sponsorships@altitudesummit.com

We look forward to hearing from you!

I'm not a sponsor, but my company wants to throw a party or dinner for attendees during the conference. Is that okay?
Actually, that’s a big no. That would be considered Outboarding. Alt Summit doesn’t allow Suitcasing, Outboarding or Partial Outboarding. And participating in any of those activities could mean your conference registration is revoked, and that you may not be able to participate in future events.

In more official terms: No Brand, Marketer, or Agency may host any event, function, training, seminar, focus group or other activity that, in the sole discretion of Alt Summit, competes with Alt Summit Tuesday, Jan 31st through Friday, Feb 3rd, 2017.

Not sure what "suitcasing" or "outboarding" means? Want more details? You can request our full brand policy by emailing registration@altitudesummit.com.