Announcing coLAB

Photo by: Justin Hackworth for Alt Summit

For those of you who attended our closing keynote last week (it was a good one!), you may have heard the new project we announced. It’s called coLAB! And it’s a collaborative project between three communities. Latina Bloggers Connect (that’s the L), Alt Summit (that’s the A) and Blogalicious, (you guessed it, that’s the B). We’re all teaming up to cross connect our communities. 

As an Alt attendee, you can opt into this experimental program. If you do, you will be partnered with a member of the Blogalicious or Latina Bloggers Connect communities. Together, you and your new partner will come up with a fun, collaborative project, large or small — it’s totally up to you. Then, you and your partner will share your project across your platforms, in whatever way you’d like. We will be featuring some of these great projects on Alt’s social channels as well. 

What sorts of projects? The sky’s the limit! But here are a few ideas to kick start your brainstorming:

  • Engaging in specific collaborative projects (perhaps 2 takes on the same DIY, or two essays on a related topic), that would be presented on both participant’s blogs and/or social media outlets. 
  • Introducing and interviewing each other on corresponding sites or social media to highlight each partner and what they have accomplished in their own community. 
  • Consulting with each other on how each of you have achieved brand growth, what has worked, what has not worked, sharing information about blogger-friendly brands and contacts, and engaging in a conversation about the future of blogging as a business.
  • Creating a project (artist/crafter) sold on another partner's site (shop owner). 

We think this is going to be a really amazing way to make connections and we want you to be a part of things! We can't wait to see what kinds of projects, promotions, and friendships come from this program.

If you’d like to participate, please send your contact info to by June 20th. Our goal is to have you connected to your project partner by the end of the month. We are offering this to Alt Summer attendees first, and if there's room in the project, we'll open it up to the larger Alt audience. So be sure to sign up soon, if you know you want to participate. 


Eden Hensley

Marketing creative, community engagement specialist, technophile, photographer, food and wine enthusiast, and the founder and editor-in-chief of The Road to The Good Life, a lifestyle blog about appreciating and enhancing your life by being grateful for the "haves" instead of lingering on the "wants." There you will find personal stories about my life and family weaved in with real-life, achievable entertaining tips, recipes for hearty home cooked meals, and DIY projects for capturing and sharing memories. I believe the best place to swap stories is over a shared meal, preferably a Thai-meal served family style, and teach an online introduction class to Thai Flavors and host the Family Dinners at The Station supper club in San Francisco.