13 Perspectives on Doing What You Love

Photos and post by: Eden Hensley

Do what you love is often the rallying cry for creatives. So we decided to ask the Alt community what the phrase means to them.

What does Do What You Love mean to you?

“It’s the perfect motto for entrepreneurs! Follow your soul and heart, and determination will follow.” - Light Rust Studio, @LightRustStudio

“Isn’t that what we are all here trying to do? The challenge may be to pick THE THING that we love and do it well.” - Adrienne, @SusMakesSupper

“It’s the holy grail. It’s what we all want to achieve but sometimes harder to obtain.” - Mary-Ellen Paul, @HOPDesignStudio

“What you enjoy doing is your passion. Following that will give you purpose.” - Bethany Everett, @20SomethingPlus

“A wonderful reminder that I should keep going and my time is on its way. It’s never work.” - Jazmyn Anderson, @GoldLabl

“Life is too short to be filled with the mediocre. They say if you what you love, it doesn’t feel like work.” - Jill Swensen, @BeingSpiffy

“I have fun every single day at work. I look forward to it because I’m doing things I love.” - Melissa Bahen, @LulutheBaker

“It reminds me of the saying “find something you love and you’ll never have to work a day in your life.” - New York Cliche, @NewYorkCliche

“Do what you love, but also what you’re good at. The two things don’t always align.” - Sophie, @ThePrivateGirl

What keeps you going?

“I feel really honored that I get to do what I love. Gratitude fuels me to get past the hard parts of entrepreneurship.” - Kate McCombs, @Katecom

“Don’t rely on “love” as motivation. No matter what it is, there are parts that are a grind, that don’t come easy.” - Sandra Harris, @Sandrat212

“To do what you love, you have to remember hard work, patience, and rejection is part of it too.”  - Laura Redburn, @CardboardCities

“Loving what we do keeps us engaged, but tenacity and focus keep us committed. Work isn’t always supposed to be fun.” - Bobbie, @Blogger_BP

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