Building Your Business With Instagram

By Kelly Smith; Photo by Justin Hackworth for Alt Summit

Instagram can be a powerful tool, but just like any aspect of social media it takes practice and know-how to maximize the benefits. When looking through photo streams on Instagram it is easy to recognize the powerful role that consistency can play in standing out on social media. Here are four more tips to start building your blog or business with Instagram. 

Know your Brand: Whether you are a business or a blog, you have a brand. You are the brand and what you decide reflects the overall aesthetic of your content, which in turn pulls people in or drives them away. Amanda Fuller of Kaleidoscope can help you get started in understanding the importance of branding

Know your Intent: Take a little bit of time and really think about why you joined the party to begin with. Are you wanting money or relationships? Are you after affirmation or is it conversation? All of the above are valid reasons to join, picking an avenue will direct you towards those goals. 

Know your Audience: Understand that your Instagram audience might be different than that of other social media platforms. Look at which photos get the most likes, what topics get people excited, and, just as importantly, what does not do as well. Once you know what your followers like, you can better understand what they expect from you and your relationship. 

Know your photo Skills: The look you choose to give your photo is determined by your brand style. That being said, the basic rules for creating good photos still apply, Melissa of The Faux Martha gives some good advice on how and where she Instagrams

Learning from case studies can be a powerful way to gain insight into how successful Instagramers paved the way to their dreams. Lucky you, Susan Petersen, of Freshly Picked, is a killer example of how Instagram turned an at home moccasin idea into a full-time business which includes a partnership with Nordstrom, in a matter of a couple of years. She is ready to share her story on Friday, October 24th so register for Alt on Topic right here so that you do not miss out on all the juicy details. 



Eden Hensley

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