Get in the Game - Gaining the Mindset of an Entrepreneur


By Kelly Smith; Top photo by Justin Hackworth for Alt Summit

There is a big difference between a dreamer and a thinker. Dreamers wonder; they create movement from one experience or idea to another. Thinkers take an idea and dissect its possibilities into tangible scenarios. The trick to gaining the mindset of an entrepreneur is to actively engage with both desires, turning the thought into the dream and vice versa. Or as Bri Emery, the founder and editor of Design Love Fest, refers to it, "figuring out the secret ingredients." 

While speaking at Alt Summit Summer, Joy Cho (successful designer, blogger, and entrepreneur) shared her life story of how she started her first business at a very young age. 

Photo by Brooke Dennis for Alt Summit

It is fascinating to hear stories from the start, but how do the rest of us tap into those wonderful qualities that create drive and success? I think the hardest part is getting started. There is just so much to think about between business plans (advice from Barbara Corcoran), brand recognition, and reaching out to others, not to mention the looming fear of failure. But, the beauty of life is that failure does not equate the end; in fact, it is often the beginning of a whole new story. It gives us the power to know what works and the opportunity to redefine goals (another Joy Cho must read article). 

So sit down, listen to a podcast or two, have a really great conversation with someone you admire, and then make some decisions. Think about what you want, write down those goals, and decide to get in the game for the long haul. 

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