A Roadmap For HTML And CSS

By: Joy Laforme.  Photo by: They Draw & Travel. 

The word “code” has always been somewhat of a four-letter word to many people. It’s synonymous with mathematical equations and difficult concepts that easily overwhelm us. But in reality, the relationship between HTML and CSS provide those with an online presence with a powerful tool to increase our creative abilities and online reach.

HTML is a foundational language, designed to create structure, and foundation. It’s grammar (referred to as “syntax”) is a necessary part of any structure that we build a website or blog on. It’s the language that specifies containers, blocks of text, lists, tables, and many other things. In its most basic form, HTML can perform the simplest of tasks, and yet can also handle the robustness of transition and animation.

On the other side, CSS is a style language, used to describe how the HTML will look and feel. This language is necessary for making your online space readable, relatable, and beautiful. It specifies things like width, height, borders, backgrounds, and so much more. As with HTML, CSS can also handle the most simple tasks, up to the most robust, that allow us to create intelligent and cutting edge online spaces.

These two languages together are necessary for understanding your own online space. Once reserved for web developers, these two languages have become accessible and relatable to almost everyone. Wherever your blog or website may be hosted, these two languages are necessary for your understanding, to give you an edge in running your own blog. 

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