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 By: Susan Brinson  Photo By: House Of Brinson

One thing blogging has taught me is the art of staying inspired, constantly. It's a lot of work to keep up with the latest info, or find a trusted resource. Here are my favorite resources for staying informed and inspired about blogging, branding and design. 

1. Braid Creative

If I'm in a dumpy mood, and don't know if I can write one… more… post…, I hope on over to the Braid Creative Blog. They 'get' creative people and are wonderfully inspiring. I like their topics because they generally address bigger, and deeper issues.

2.  Inward Facing Girl

Melanie's blog has some wonderful posts about storytelling, which is a component of branding. We'll chat more about this in class and how it all ties together. In the mean time, cruise over to Inward Facing Girl for story telling inspiration. 

3. VMAC and Cheese

Victoria not only has a beautiful blog, but great advice for bloggers las well. She's partnered up with Meg Briam to for The B Bar where you can download 'cocktails' about blogging, like creating a media kit. 

4. Behance

If you need a designer or design inspiration, Behance is a crazy amazing resource. You can look at designers portfolios from around the world, and this helps be broaden my horizons and not get stuck in a rut. 

5. Ad Age

Industry design and strategy news. There's some great insight into the moves big businesses are making. I often find inspiration with how larger businesses are using social media and where they are choosing to spend their advertising dollars. 

6. Brand New

If you want to learn more about branding and design because you're considering making a change, look no further. Brand New shows you the before and after of redesigns, and the comment section will give you the real deal opinion if the design community liked it. 



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