What to Wear to Alt Summit

What to Wear to Alt Summit: Design Blogger Style

By Alt Channel teacher Nicole Balch

Are you one of the lucky ones going to Alt Summit this year? The conference has expanded, and more people means more newcomers. This also means more people wondering what to wear to this event that is known for bringing out the most stylish trends and fashions. I recently taught a class for Alt that was all about What to Wear to the conference ( it’s coming up again soon ). In this class I broke it all down everything you need to know. Follow these guiding principles, and you’ll be all set:

  • Get colorful - Seriously, pick a color; any color! Throw on some bright pants, a colorful top, or vivid shoes. Be even more daring and pack a punch with all three.
  • Be quirky - Like saddle shoes? Vintage bombshell style? Vintage grandma style? If it’s you, wear it and rock it!
  • Channel your inner five-year-old - Do you have a little girl in your life? Think to yourself, "would she get a kick out of this?" If the answer is yes, go for it.
  • The "design blogger" look - We’re a funny bunch, aren’t we? So different, yet so often drawn to the same things. Stripes, polka dots, and chambray, oh my! Throw in some red lipstick, braids, and top-knots… you get the picture.
  • Be cool - If quirk and technicolor aren’t your thing, feel free to bring the black. Or leopard print. Meow.
  • Get a "Clue" - People commit to the theme party, and you should too. Are you happiest in scarlet, plum, mustard, green, blue, or white? Think color, not costume.
  • Sparkle - Sequins, glitter, or metallic? How about all three?
  • Make a statement - Have a thing for crazy shoes or gigantic necklaces? Like to sport the kind of duds that get people talking? This is the place for you.
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