Travel Blogging: Stay Positive

Traveling is adventurous, and oftentimes filled with less than perfect circumstances; there are almost always delays, words are lost in translation, and of course there's the seemingly mandatory crying baby in the back of the airplane. Any well seasoned traveller could easily fill an entire blog of negative run-ins with other cultures, but I have always chosen to focus on the positive aspects of my travel experiences.

Here is what you gain from positive travel-blogging:

  • Positive Blog Readers: These are the folks that follow your blog to be inspired, and will often offer positive feedback of your work.
  • Sponsors and Perks: Whether you are hoping to score a free flight to Paris or a week’s stay in Tuscany, being habitually positive will encourage a friendly relationship between yourself and potential sponsors. It’s not that you should be expected to lie if something goes wrong, it's just that most sponsors appreciate knowing you will be fair in your assessment of their product.
  • Culture Shock: Being positive will help you find the good in any culture you visit, and ward off the negativity that can come from culture shock. As an added bonus, your travel experiences are likely to be more enriching!
  • Have Fun: It’s just more fun to be positive. The good memories always outlive the bad ones, so learn to laugh at the mishaps that are inevitable with travel, and focus on the things that went well. Those are the stories that your readers will enjoy the most, and will keep them coming back for more.

Post and photography by Tina Fussell.

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