6 iPhone apps for better blogging

Our six favorite iPhone apps to help you blog more efficiently.

1) Instapaper - Allows you to save web pages for later viewing and optimizes the text so it is easier to read. It makes saving pages, articles, and blog posts a breeze. You never have to worry about forgetting a great article or blog post you found helpful.

2) Awesome Note - Enables you to take notes, categorize them, add a photo, save a map of your location inside your note, and create notifications when in a rush. It syncs with Evernote which allows you to pick up wherever you leave off, no matter what device you are using.

3) Speak It - Instead of reading a text, Speak It plays audio of any text you paste into the application. It is most helpful when you are too tired to read or when you are driving and cannot look down at your screen.

4) Analytics Pro - Syncs your analytics and translates them into an easy to read display. It gives you thorough data of your site and groups the information by traffic summary, visitor information, traffic sources, content viewed, goals, and e-commerce.

5) Tweetbot - A full-featured Twitter client that can translate tweets, add your location, tweet photos and video, and view any drafted tweets you created. The navigation menu is very intuitive and allows you to access whatever you are looking for immediately.

6) Byline - It is an RSS feed, but better formatted and easier to read. Byline syncs with your current reader and features the ability to add notes, which is great when doing research on a post or article in your feed.

Post except by From Dreams to Lifestyle. Photography by the Totsy Pinterest challenge.

Any great apps we missed? Let us know in the comments.


Eden Hensley

Marketing creative, community engagement specialist, technophile, photographer, food and wine enthusiast, and the founder and editor-in-chief of The Road to The Good Life, a lifestyle blog about appreciating and enhancing your life by being grateful for the "haves" instead of lingering on the "wants." There you will find personal stories about my life and family weaved in with real-life, achievable entertaining tips, recipes for hearty home cooked meals, and DIY projects for capturing and sharing memories. I believe the best place to swap stories is over a shared meal, preferably a Thai-meal served family style, and teach an online introduction class to Thai Flavors and host the Family Dinners at The Station supper club in San Francisco.