Saturday Tours 2012

If you'd rather get a bit of fresh air on Saturday, we've got five tours lined up that will fit the bill. Just remember to bundle up. Sign-up will begin on Monday, October 17th. Instructions will be available from our newsletter (take a look in the left margin to sign up) and posted on this blog. Here's a list of what's going to be offered. Decisions, decisions! 

Walking Photography Tour


Teacher: Tracey Clark

Tour Cap: 20

Don’t forget to bundle up if you want to join this group on a photography stroll around historic downtown Salt Lake City. With your camera in tow, the talented Tracey will teach you the basics of composition that will make your photos slideshow worthy.


Sundance Tour

9:00 - 5:00

Tour Cap: 20

Alt will help get you up the mountain to Park City and then you will have the day to walk, explore, eat and star gaze. Sign up with friends and walk historic Mainstreet, catch a screening and rub shoulders with Hollywood royalty. Make sure you have tickets in hand if you want to catch a flick! Sundance tickets go on sale in November.


Solitude Ski Day

9:00 - 5:00

Tour Guide: Alan Dayton

Tour Cap: 20

Ski, snowboard or ice skate at Solitude’s Swiss-inspired village. When you’ve had your fill of snow, warm up by the raging fire in the lodge. A Solitude Ski Resort ski pass is included in all Alt Gift Bags. If you want a ride up the mountain make sure to sign up early.


Thrift Store Tour


Tour Guide: Liz Stanley

Tour Cap: 12

Stylish Liz Stanley will take you to her favorite thrifting spots in Salt Lake City. Vintage, consignment and straight-up second hand shops. Liz knows all the don't miss spots. Want to join the fun? Sign up today!

**image: Tracy French 


Eden Hensley

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