Tips for Driving More Traffic to Your Blog with Flipboard

We are thrilled to have this guest post today from a dedicated Alt Sponsor - Flipboard. They are hear to tell you more about driving much wanted traffic to your blog or site with the use of Flipboard! 

Odds are, if you call yourself a blogger, you know that great content is critical to being successful. You probably have that part locked down. The challenging part lies in getting those great words in front of the right eyeballs. 

The usual avenues are fraught with frustrating algorithms that change every four minutes and constantly keep you wondering if anyone will ever see the posts you write or if you need to mortgage your home in order to buy ads to drive some traffic to your blog. 

That’s why savvy bloggers like ShoutMeLoud are turning to Flipboard to share their content and are reporting that they’re seeing some nice increases in referral traffic. With 34,000 topics scanning 26.5 million magazines curated from articles shared on Flipboard as well as from all over the internet, there are countless opportunities for great content to be flipped to an audience interested in the very things you write about.

Ready to get started?

It’s simple. All you have to do is start flipping your posts into Flipboard magazines

By flipping blog content into a magazine you create a beautiful, syndicatable package of stories and you make it possible for your articles to be seen in topic feeds. Why? Because flips (along with comments, likes, shares, and views) tip off the Flipboard system that the content has great potential. The more interactions your articles garner, the more likely your content will be surfaced in topics.

How to ensure you draw attention to your posts

First, start by making your personal Flipboard bio nice and descriptive. Cute and funny is, well, cute and funny, but it doesn’t help people find you. So if you’re the next great scrapbooking blogger, put that in your bio so people can easily search for your magazines. 

Then, make sure that you give your magazines strong titles and descriptions. The more detailed the metadata associated with them, the higher the likelihood that your magazines will be discovered and surfaced by the Flipboard topic engine. 

The next step is to build up an audience of highly engaged readers for your magazines. You can do this by following a few simple steps:

1.    Share your magazines with your social networks.
2.    Invite co-contributors to add content to your magazines. 
3.    Add short comments to articles that you flip.
4.    Engage with other MagMakers:
- find magazines to follow and re-flip articles, like, and leave comments on their flips. 
- follow topics to see related magazine recommendations in your Cover Stories.

If you’re seeing an uptick in traffic from Flipboard after following these tips, we’d love to hear your story. Please tweet us @FlipboardMag.