Registration is Now Open for Palm Springs 2017!


Now’s your chance to connect with the most interesting people online. Now’s your chance to partner with the best sponsors. Now’s your chance to build your business. January 31st to February 3rd in Palm Springs, California. Grab your ticket right away!

And did we tell you? The ticket price is the lowest we’ve offered in years. For bloggers, influencers and micro-businesses, the price is $495. For brands, marketers and agencies (with 4+ employees), the price is $1495. 


Rachel Faucett, co-founder of Handmade Charlotte will 100% not miss Alt Summit. In fact, she attributes 90 percent of her incredibly profitable opportunities to the conference. You read that right: 90%! 

The Handmade Charlotte collections for Anthropologie & Pottery Barn led to Pinterest, To The Market, and United Nations ambassadorships. Along came the title wave of gigantic product-centric programs placing Handmade Charlotte products in Paper Source, Michaels, JoAnn's, Faber Castel, Walmart, Hobby Lobby, and AC Moore.

Hundreds of sponsored campaigns later with LG, HP, Ford, IKEA, Home Depot, Coke, Cannon, Twitter, Keurig, Target, Sony Pictures, Universal Pictures, Plaid, Nestle, General Mills, P&G, and Similac earned Handmade Charlotte commercials! McDonald's, Levi's, Miracle Gro, Lysol, Subaru, and Ford featured the farm-living family of seven. If that weren't enough, this super publisher went to Africa last year twice with Kate Spade and and launched Handmade With Love during the January 2016 Alt Summit keynote. 

This is what Rachel said when asked about her game changing Alt experiences:

Alt: Your years attending and speaking at Alt have really paid off! Can you tell us a little bit about how you turn a friendly encounter at the mini parties into closing extremely lucrative long term contracts?


RF: I’ve heard my father in law say "In the Room in the Deal" a million times. Nothing beats a personal encounter. Alt is super intimate and without a doubt you will get the chance to meet everyone you were drooling over on the speaker list, plus totally unexpected bonus BFFs. After the friendly encounter, follow up the very next day by connecting on social channels. Then, follow up again with a short but sweet actionable plan, so that the recipient can easily get a contract in Strike when it's hot — and Alt Summit is smoking hot! 

Alt: 90% of your success you attribute to Alt Summit? Come on??

RF: Oh my goodness YES! Alt disengaged our parking break on a very steep slope. Each time I attend, the momentum the conference fuels is multiplied by 10 throughout the year and simply can't be ignored. Our Alt Summit investment far outweighs the expense. Alt Is For Like Real!

Alt: Any last sentiments? We know you’re crazy busy.

RF: I can’t wait to see + meet everybody in California! Peace!

One more thing we should note: Our new venue is more compact than the one we used in Salt Lake City for so many years, this means less tickets overall, which in turn means that we will likely sell out even faster than in years past.

If you want to guarantee your spot at the conference, we highly recommend you SIGN UP today.

The Alt Team