Case Study: Justina Blakeney on Monetization

By: Kelly Smith; Photos by Brooke Dennis and Justin Hackworth for Alt Summit

Alt Alum and Speaker Justina Blakeney published an article yesterday on her blog The Jungalow that is a MUST read for anyone who has ever questioned monetization of a blog or the worth that a blogging brand has in media. 

Although I have compared the work of a blogger to that of a magazine, it had never accused to me to compare the worth of one against the next. This quote from Justina's essay speaks volumes to the work she has accomplished - "...Which means that my content has a total reach of 1,731,000. And just to put that in perspective, the Vogue magazine circulation is 1,259,826. And while Vogue magazine charges $196,535 for a one page ad in their magazine, a sponsored blog post on The Jungalow with ‘social media amplification’ on all channels costs between $5000-$10,000." 

This is a fantastic article in which Justina shares her raw numbers, her earnings, and her feelings on the subject of monetization. Follow this link (Blogging + Money Matters) to read the full article and make sure to give Justina a high five in her comment section!