Blogging Trends

We always look forward to seeing what people learn from their time at each Alt Summit conference. We also find it fascinating to see what trends emerge from the wealth of knowledge that attendees take home with them.

A couple conferences ago, we started noticing that social posts about Alt Summit were not immediate updates, but instead were saved until attendees could reflect, style, and edit photos from home. It was fantastic to see that attendees were really listening to the speakers as they encouraged cultivating an authentic brand, understanding what an audience wants, and creating a cohesive theme throughout social media.

We saw the same trend this year with blog posts - many attendees waited to post about their Alt Summit experience instead of posting right away. After inquiring and engaging in discussion we learned that this was case because of two reasons:

  1. In preparation for Alt Summit many bloggers filled their calendar with posts not just the week of Alt, but the couple of weeks after, as well. This gave them the opportunity to focus on what was learned, contact sponsors and potential collaborators, as well as take a bit of time to recover.
  2. They integrated lessons learned with posts that their community would find interesting and useful. This strategy requires a bit more time for photos to be taken outside of the conference and content to be integrated.

We have also noticed that many influencers who come to Alt that don't have established blogs are still sharing bits of learning material with their audiences. Even a full month and a half after the conference. It makes sense to us, why not spread out the love?!

Over the next three weeks, we will be sharing recaps of both blog and social posts right here on the Alt blog. If you want us to feature you, please email with a link to your post.