Work Life Balancing Act


By: Kelly Smith; Photos by Brooke Dennis and Justin Hackworth for Alt Summit

We often talk about taking a break from the screen to get outside, see the world, and find real life inspiration by experiencing something new. But, we also talk a lot about hustling and getting the work done. On a day like today, we know that some of you are choosing to have quality time online and others are using the time to catch up or get ahead. Whatever you choose, we hope that there is some kind of balance on the other end, so we have gathered four of our favorite articles on work life balance.


Balancing the workload - general and solid advice on balancing the everyday workload.

Balancing work and motherhood - an interview with Joy Cho on balancing motherhood with a busy work schedule.

Discovering Your Work Routine - how to discover your most efficient work routine and stick to it.

Maximizing Efficiency Online - learn from the best on how to establish consistent online efficiency.

Good luck and have fun with whatever you are doing on this beautiful Labor Day!