coLAB Roundup Number Four

By: Kelly Smith; Photos by Brooke Dennis and Justin Hackworth for Alt Summit

This is the fourth round up post in celebration of all the projects that came from coLAB. You can find out more about what coLAB is here, which teams won here, four season-inspired posts here, four healthy living posts here, and four family centered posts here.

Alt Summit has always been community centered, everything we do is to further support our community and bring your dreams into reality. So when we see you go beyond your blogs and businesses to help support your personal communities, it brings such a smile to our faces. This next group of coLAB projects focuses on community outreach and support.

Jill and Jamie of Postmodryn partnered with Michelle of Divas with a Purpose to talk about the central theme of transitions and how they impact community as a whole.

Quiana of Harlem Lovebirds and Teri of Cottage In The Court decided to take a look at the impact of a community garden with a focus on family bonding and development through a photo essay.

Winter of The Redd Party partnered with RiaRob of Aesthetic Elevation and shared information with each other to come up with a three part recipe for successful blogging while starting over, so that they could both finish the year off with confidence!

Mari of Inspired by Familia teamed up with Kelly of Cloudy Day Gray to engage in an open discussion about how to encourage not only families, but the blogging community to come together and #givelivelove, while celebrating kindness at its core.