5 Ways to Brand Your Pinterest Boards

5 tips for branding your Pinterest boards

By: Julia Fain; Photos by Brooke Dennis for Alt Summit

Have you considered the first impression your Pinterest boards make when a reader clicks your Pinterest link for the first time?

Here are 5 tips for improving the branding of your Pinterest boards!

1.  Clarify your brand identity. Your top 6-8 boards will be a first impression and should emphasize your brand style. Are you a home and garden blogger? Move gardening, recipes, diy projects, and home design at the top. Fashion? Highlight your style boards at the top of your Pinterest boards.

have you evaluated your Pinterest boards lately? check out these 5 ways to brand your Pinterest boards.

2.  Evaluate your board names. Are they intuitive to new followers? Consider a catchy title that is easy to understand. Just remember that if you change your board name, it may change the links to previously shared pins.

3.   Choose good cover designs. Preferably without a text overlay. Make good use of white space, and change the covers frequently (monthly or seasonally).

5 ways to brand your Pinterest boards

4. Do you have a board specifically for your brand or blog? If not, make one today! Pin your content to it and put that board on the top row. Be proud and confident in your content!

5.  Does your board seem vague or out of style? Don't Delete. You can (and should) delete some pins over time, but do not delete the entire board. Consider rebranding it with a new title or description. If you delete the whole board you could loose followers.