4 Tips for Improving Smart Phone Photography

4 tips for improving your iPhone photography!

By: Julia Fain; Photos by Brooke Dennis for Alt Summit

Phone photography is versatile, lightweight, and increasingly common in capturing everyday moments. While full sized cameras still have their place in photo shoots, smart phones can beautifully capture family, life, and quick photo styling moments for social media.

Here are four tips for working with your iPhone camera.

4 simple steps for improving iPhone photography for social media

1. Use Natural Light. 

Take the majority of your photos during the day: outside or with the windows open (blinds up!). Morning light and late afternoon light can be a really beautiful time to capture in the background.

2. Take several photos. 

Capture at least 5 photos of a given moment and then go back later in the day to pick my favorite. The lighting will vary between each iPhone picture. This will ensure at least 1 good capture. 

3. Capture the moment. 

Consider documenting friends and family in the moment instead of asking them to pose. It makes for a more natural and personal capture.

4. Document on paper. 

It is easy to keep photographs stored on the computer and phone. Seasonally print your photographs in an album or as wall art.

What are your tips for iPhone photography?