Where to Go for Style Making Props

Where to Go for Style Making Props

By: Eden Hensley; Photos by Brooke Dennis for Alt Summit

What makes a signature style? Is it the angle from where the photographer shoots? Is it the fact that the image has low- or high-key lighting?

Often what makes an image or series of images immediately identifiable are the props. So where do Alt community members find their props? In a recent AltChat we asked them just that.


Here are some of their favorite shops for memorable, on brand, eye-catching props.

  • “I live at TJ Maxx. I found several props, in the Clearance aisle, for $1 each.” – Kia Salter, @HouseofKTS
  • “I love going out into nature to find props! It's also a great way to intentionally unplug!” - Christie Jones, @SwellAnchor (formerly @Bedsidesign)
  • “My own closets! Sometimes my moms house or her flower shop.” - Emily Battiloro, @EmmBeee
  • “My closet and party room Being a party thrower, crafter, planner, baker, I have more props then I could ever use.” - @FizzyParty
  • “The flea market, Anthropologie, Paper Source, thrift stores, Hobby Lobby... I could go on?” - Joelle Duff, @JoelleCharming
  • “Those looking for where to start! This Etsy shop has a good selection of photo backdrops & floor drops: https://t.co/9t3wxO2qIH” - Davon H., @TheBubbleista
  • “Target, thrift stores, Anthropologie” - Camille Whiting, @CamilleWhiting
  • “Being a DIY/crafty blogger I just use the supplies involved in the post. On the lookout for "prettier" tools, though!” - Bre Paulson, @BrePeaBlog
  • “Kids stores are the best for color: toys or clothes.” - @Analog_House
  • “Target is always my go-to for everything. They have the best colors.” - Laurie Cosgrove, @LaurieCosgrove
  • “My props are usually the things I already have. Utensils, my nails, pens, etc. To make it feel real and not staged.” - Deirdree, @Deidreemme
  • “Thrift stores, flea markets, craft store (with coupons lol).” - Addie, @OldWorldNewGirl
  • “My bookshelf which has a many random items. My NYC Cab and scrapbook were perfect for a recent book review.” - Elyse Maxwell, @Elyxandra

Where are your favorite places for styling props?


Eden Hensley

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