Quantity Over Quality


By: Kelly Smith; Photos by Brooke Dennis and Justin Hackworth for Alt Summit

During the very first Alt for Everyone, Jordan Ferney of Oh Happy Day spoke about various game-changing moments in her blogging career. It was a fascinating case study, but one story in particular has stuck in my mind.

She relayed a story she once heard of a college ceramics professor who split the class into two groups. The first group would be given a final grade based solely on one final product. The other half of the class would be given a grade based on the number of products they could produce. At the end of the semester it was clear to see that those who made the most products also made the most beautiful products. Her point was that practice and skill building are essential to blogging success and the best way to get that practice is to produce a lot of content.

Up until this point I had been hearing quality over quantity, but this made sense to me. The more I wrote, the more I practiced, the more pictures I took, the more projects I produced, the more confident I felt. And with that confidence, I was able to approach sponsors at Alt Summit with quality ideas that matched a quality product.


Here are five tips for improving content through quantity:

  1. Be consistent - set a schedule and use deadlines for motivation.
  2. Experiment with new skills - try a variety of approaches to get a feel for what works best.
  3. Build a group - join with other bloggers who can give constructive feedback.
  4. Step out of your comfort zone - play and have fun.
  5. Create an improvement board - list what you're doing well and what still needs improvement.