Goal Setting and Time Management

By: Kelly Smith; Photos by Brooke Dennis and Justin Hackworth for Alt Summit

When it comes to time management, I think we could all use a little help. Although it is a very personal balance, great value can be discovered through sharing what has and has not worked for the members of a like-minded community.

Here is what you had to say during a number of Alt chats:

Having a clear goal is key:

"Setting big goals, then breaking them down into mini goals, keeps me on track." Laurel @abubblylife 

"Once you've made up your mind, all time you spend not going towards your goal is wasted." Eden @edenhensley 

"If you don't make goals you just float around without direction, sometimes you get lucky but you're not moving towards anything." Ashley @ashleemariecake

"I have separate personal & business goals. Sharing them depends on the goal itself. But sharing helps with accountability." Christy @cjannac

Evaluate goals periodically to keep on track:

"I make goal lists & break goals down into smaller tasks. I like using Wunderlist or Evernote to access often & from anywhere!" Jessica @savvybride

"I look at my calendar. Am I hitting my target posts? Yes? Good. If not, reevaluate things." Elana @stirandstrain 

"My goals are embedded in my editorial calendar. My alerts are frequent reminders! Even my kids know!" Red Letter Everyday @RLEveryday


Use tools when necessary:

"I love Trello for this. It's a to-do list that you can create short-term or long-term goals and tasks in." Sara @downey_robinson 

"It's simple...but a timer helps me focus! Set it, one task only. Perfection on a deadline!" Meg @SnapHappyMeg

"I'm realizing I need an accountability partner." Quiana @HarlemLovebirds

"I have an online list of major life goals and pen & paper for daily/weekly tasks." Christy @cjannace

Set deadlines and celebrate:

"I write it down + talk it out + create deadlines + enjoy the reward. All those step make goals happen + matter." Light Rust Studio @LightRustStudio

"Build "rewards" into your goals. Ex: When we finish the site redesign, the #KSETeam gets a spa day + new head shots." Kai @Kai2Events