Alt Chat Wednesday: The Art of Decluttering


By: Eden Hensley; Photos by: Brooke Dennis for Alt Summit

Starting a new project can be challenging. We have clutter—both emotional and physical—getting in our way. Here are three steps to help you prepare your mind and space for new projects. 

Join us Wednesday, August 26, 2015 at 9AM PDT/12PM EDT on Twitter for an hour-long chat about clutter and organization, sponsored by Easy Closets. Easy Closets will be giving one lucky participant a $1,000 gift card. Simply follow along by searching for the #AltChat hashtag on your favorite Twitter client. Participate by answering questions posed by @AltSummit and including both the #AltChat and #AltLovesEasyClosets hashtags.

We’ll discuss how to prepare for a new project, whether it’s clearing your mind or preparing your workspace or both. We’ll also cover the challenges of working in small or shared spaces and how to stay organized.

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  1. Join the #AltChat on August 26 from 9 - 10 AM PDT, if you can.
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One winner will be randomly selected and announced on Twitter Wednesday night before midnight PDT. The winner will also be listed here. 

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Three Steps to Prepare Your Workspace and Mind for New Projects

Clear your desk. Everything on your workspace should have a function and a place. If your office supplies are spilling from their containers, but the extras away until you need them.

Simply your project files. If you’re working on multiple projects searching through stacks of papers for the file you need can stall your momentum. Keep reference books, papers—anything related to a given project in binder or a basket. When you’re ready to work on your project, pull out the materials and get started. When done, simply place everything back in its spot.

Take a break before starting a new project. A day or a week in between projects is the perfect way to recharge.

Want to chat about a particular topic?

Next week we’ll delve into how to convey your voice through your visuals, specifically creating a signature look with props. Be prepared to share a few images that represent your look along with whether your look matches the aesthetic of your studio or home. 

We love hearing from you. Tell us what topics you’d like discussed during an upcoming Alt Chat. Comment below or send me an email.

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