Collaborating with Other Bloggers


By: Kelly Smith; Photos by Brooke Dennis and Justin Hackworth for Alt Summit

We have explained why collaborations are such an important element in the blogging equation, but it can also be very intimidating when you don't know where to begin or how to get in touch with people. Here are 6 tips to help get you started:



  1. Make a plan and do the work - never assume that your collaborative partners are going to have all the magical answers. Instead, come up with a solid plan that you can pitch that offers something that benefits everyone.
  2. Start with introductions and emails - it can never hurt to send out emails asking people to participate and join in your collaborative plan. Just be sure to expect a lot of "not at this time" responses.
  3. Be professional instead of offended - just because someone decides not to work with you doesn't mean they don't like you or your idea. Instead, always assume they are working on their own big projects and reply with total understanding.
  4. Head to a conference - one of the easiest ways to get connected with like minded bloggers is to attend a conference and introduce yourself. If you are looking to collaborate, come right out and say it and float some ideas into the natural conversation. Then, follow up after the conference with a formal invitation to join in on a collaboration.
  5. Join a Facebook group with other bloggers where you feel safe to share ideas, build friendships, and offer collaborative ideas.
  6. Ask your community to play along - don't limit yourself to other bloggers. Start a fun hashtag that your community can join in on, you never know who will surprise you with their brilliance.

Whatever you do, don't limit yourself to these suggestions. Collaborations can come about in an endless number of ways. As long as you are able to flex your creativity, do something you are passionate about, and accomplish a goal, then it will move you forward.