The Benefits of Frequent Collaboration

hands united

By: Kelly Smith; Photos by Brooke Dennis and Justin Hackworth for Alt Summit

We often hear that blogging and small business are a celebration of community, but building that loyal community can seem like a challenge at first. One way to find that success and build new relationships is through collaborations big and small. During an Alt Chat, community members asked what it means to create successful collaborations and brainstormed ways to get more involved, recognize complementary strengths, and get started. Here is what they had to say:


When you have a combination of strengths and passion, you shine. And people can see that, feel that. And you soar. - Tanaya @TanayaG

It's hard to be creative when you're uninspired, and lack of passion can lead to lack of inspiration. - PJ @pjfeinstein

Partnerships that are genuine and mutually beneficial are great ways to grow to the next level and I'm always open to it! - Tanaya @TanayaG

Started a series #5WaystoDIY & 5 bloggers same item, all different. Collabs are so fun & push me creatively! - Laurel @abubblylife

I'd love to partner w/someone who is developing their brand/finding their voice. I'll give consulting in exchange for editing. - Eden @edenhensley

I really love collaborating, community relationships are good for all parties. However I can collab, I will. - Julianne @fern_and_fog

I'm always open to collaborate with dynamic, passionate people especially in the food, lifestyle & travel space! - Tanaya @TanayaG

I've reached out to initiate the conversation & I just need to make a bit of time to prep. - Jazmyn @GoldLabl

I'd really like to start up a collaborative blog series or 2. I used to have several and they always did so well - Kayla @FrecklesinApril

I'm currently working on a new "champagne lifestyle" project & would love a mastermind group for feedback/brainstorming. - Davon @TheBubbleista

I'd love to collaborate on a podcast, e-book or e-course. And like I said, accountability partner! Would LOVE one. - Lix @LixHewett

It was mutually decided that any collaboration breeds excitement, enables growth - either personal by learning from mistakes or professional with growth of audience - and facilitates an environment that is appealing and genuine.


Those of you participating in the coLAB project are doing such a fantastic job getting creative, reaching out to new audiences, and connecting in new and fun ways. If you want to be considered for a chance to win tickets for you and your partner to attend both corresponding conferences make sure to:

  • Post about your experience by September 1, 2015.
  • Email with a link to your post along with any feedback you may have. 
  • Tag posts with #coLAB, #AltSummit, #BYOE15 and #LatinaBloggers when sharing on social media (we will highlight a few and share across our platform).