Planning Ahead: Financial Creativity


By: Kelly Smith; Photos by Brooke Dennis and Justin Hackworth for Alt Summit

One quality that successful entrepreneurs hold is the ability to look beyond excuses and think creatively in order to secure investments. One of my favorite examples is Susan of Freshly Picked and her breaking glass story, where she literally broke the glass out of windows to sell the frames for her start up money. She could have very easily convinced herself that she wasn't in the financial place to start a business. She could have put off the dream until its reality floated further and further away. But instead, she looked around, gathered resources, and turned an idea into a multi-million dollar company in a matter of a few years.

The same idea applies to any business investment that is made. When people ask me if it is worth it to go to Alt, my answer has always been yes, even before I worked here. The education, the collaborative friendships, and the sponsor introductions are worth every penny. If you look at going to Alt as an investment, then the return is clear. Attend with the mindset of working, connecting, and pitching ideas and the projects that grow from the experience will pay for the ticket and beyond.  


Here are a few Alt alumni who got creative by making Alt Summit a priority. 

So next time you catch yourself saying that you wish you could go to Alt (or any other career building event) but simply can't afford it, think again. Get creative and use your talents to subsidize the costs in a way that will not only benefit your pocket, but will build your reputation as well.