Finding Your Niche

By: Kelly Smith; Photos by Brooke Dennis and Justin Hackworth for Alt Summit

So you want to start a blog, or maybe you already have. But, as you learn about brand marketing, consistency, and strategy you will quickly realize that having a niche audience or topic is most effective. But, how on earth can you narrow down all your life interests into one solid topic?!

We get it: it is not an easy task. However, if you have a clear vision then everyone knows what to expect and your blog will grow. Here are a few tips to help start the conversation!

6 Valuable Tips for Finding Your Blogging Niche

6 Tips for Finding Your Blogging Niche

  1. Go all the way back to your roots and think about what you loved as a young adult. Think: what sparked the most joy in your life? Was it the feeling you got when you walked into a library, the curiosity of how the world works, writing poems, watching Martha Stewart or Trading Spaces all weekend long? Chances are that those same interests still spark something in you that is worth exploring and writing about.
  2. Start with who you are writing for and think backwards. Do you have an ideal client or reader in mind? What interests, style, or topic might draw them in?
  3. Determine how much, if any, of your life you will include. Do you want it to be personal (include your family as "characters" within the blog) or to keep things separate? What is best for the stage that your family is in?
  4. Establish whether your blog is or will be a business. Are you working towards monetizing your blog? What topics might sponsors be interested in? What will set you apart from the pack?
  5. Consider what you're known for by friends and family. Do you have a skill, knowledge base, or talent that you can utilize and explore?
  6. Look for similarities in what you are interested in. Can you tie multiple topics into one bundle or put them under an umbrella theme?

Once you can answer all of these questions confidently, you will feel a lot more comfortable moving forward with an elevator pitch, creating a media kit, and putting yourself and your talents out into the world!