The Art of Time Management

By: Kelly Smith; Photos by Brooke Dennis and Justin Hackworth for Alt Summit

I recently came across this article - it highlights the different schedules of some highly intelligent and accomplished people throughout history. It is so fascinating to see the differences, the similarities, and the way that people went about their workday. It stuck in my head as I went about my workday, and I could not stop trying to compare my situation with theirs. Who did I match? Was I being productive? What would my day wheel look like if I mapped it out?

Finally, I decided that I needed to print out that page of the article with the blank time wheel and fill in my own version. This process really helped me to figure out how I use the time in my day and how each element creates a cohesive life. I challenge you to do the same. I mean, really, how do you use and manage your time?

The biggest take aways that I got from all of this comparing, pondering, and mapping is that it is not about what the schedule looks like at all. It is about what works for each individual. Some of us require time to percolate, others need to get ideas out quickly, some prefer being in public, others in complete silence. None of it matters to anyone but that individual.

So, whether you get up early, stay up late, sleep until noon, or take regular breaks throughout the day, as long as you are able to constantly produce quality content, feel satisfied, and avoid burnout, then hats off to you. You have achieved effective time management!