Getaway Goals


By: Kelly Smith; Photos by Brooke Dennis and Justin Hackworth for Alt Summit

Getting away for a business retreat, blog conference, or event can be a great way to refresh your outlook, push forward, and renew excitement. Yet, they can also be exhausting, overwhelming, and intimidating. We have found that the key to a successful getaway is to identify specific goals and keep them in mind throughout.

Here are some suggestions to help you develop your most effective goal list:

  • What specific skills need to be improved for efficiency? What classes can you take, questions can you ask, and people can you meet to help improve those skills? 
  • Who do you want to connect with and why? If that person isn't available or receptive to a relationship, can you find what you are looking for in someone else? How will these relationships move you forward?
  • What are your big goals for 2016 and what aspect of this event facilitates those goals?
  • What percent of the event do you want to focus on business, what percent on letting loose and having fun? Do both align with your business goals?

Here are a few more posts that might help you dig a bit deeper! 

No matter what event, big or small, you are attending, if you have a clear action plan before attending you will gain so much more and leave feeling a new sense of accomplishment.