Alt Chat Wednesday: Talking About Yourself with Confidence


By: Eden Hensley; Photos by: Brooke Dennis and Justin Hackworth for Alt Summit

Want to collaborate with your favorite brand? Get invited to local blogger events? Get the job you’ve always dreamed of? None of these scenarios can happen if you don’t speak up.

Speaking up, especially for introverts, can be easier said than done. We often have an easier time chatting up our friends. Without pause, we can list the strengths of our friends and unconsciously pitch them as experts to strangers who need help.

So, how can we become as at ease talking about ourselves as we do others? By crafting an elevator pitch, two to three short sentences that describe what we do and why we’re driven, and practicing with our friends, we gain confidence and start reaching for the opportunities we’ve been dreaming of. Join us Wednesday October 7th on Twitter at 9AM PDT/12PM EDT/4PM GMT for an #AltChat focused on honing our elevator pitches and try these seven steps for saying what you do with confidence.


Seven Steps for Saying What You Do with Confidence

  1. Trust that your work and passions are interesting.
  2. Practice with family first.
  3. Be consistent offline and online.
  4. Share what you do and generate excitement for your work.
  5. Connect with your tribe.
  6. Make the most of opportunities to connect.
  7. Relax and remember real conversations (real relationships) start after the elevator pitch.

Upcoming Topics

Life happens. And when it does, if you’ve done a little preplanning no one will know. Join us next week, October 14, 2015 on Twitter at 9AM PDT/12PM EDT/4PM GMT, to discuss which apps you swear by for scheduling your content and social media updates.

Other topics that have been suggested and will be discussed soon are: Mastermind Groups: Finding or Creating One that Works for You; Is Doing It All the New Having It All: A Tale of Balance and Time Management; Community: Building Online and Offline; Collaboration: The In’s and Out’s of Successful Partnerships; and Newsletters: Building Your Subscriber Base; and Media Kits. Subscribe to our Events via our Facebook page and get reminders for upcoming chats.

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Eden Hensley

Marketing creative, community engagement specialist, technophile, photographer, food and wine enthusiast, and the founder and editor-in-chief of The Road to The Good Life, a lifestyle blog about appreciating and enhancing your life by being grateful for the "haves" instead of lingering on the "wants." There you will find personal stories about my life and family weaved in with real-life, achievable entertaining tips, recipes for hearty home cooked meals, and DIY projects for capturing and sharing memories. I believe the best place to swap stories is over a shared meal, preferably a Thai-meal served family style, and teach an online introduction class to Thai Flavors and host the Family Dinners at The Station supper club in San Francisco.