Planning a Holiday Break

By: Kelly Smith; Photos by Brooke Dennis and Justin Hackworth for Alt Summit

As the weather starts to get chilly, it is easy to start daydreaming about the holidays and enjoying some time off with your family. But, there is always the other side your personality that wants to hustle and utilize that time to keep up with the blogging game and gain the most from the holiday season.

So, what can you do now to prepare for some down time in the future?

Planning ahead can take some effort, but in doing so you are able to enjoy specific events with less on your plate. Here's how.

  1. Look ahead - Get out your editorial calendar and decide what you are posting about throughout the entire holiday season.
  2. Prioritize - Decide what holidays are most important to you and mark them off your work schedule. Make those days count the most by turning off and being present. That time away is just as important if planned for appropriately.
  3. Hustle - If you plan to post 3 times a week, sneak in an extra post and schedule it for the days you are taking off. Or, plan a long weekend and buckle down - just make sure you follow through and finish strong!
  4. Double dip - Not only do you need to plan posts with projects, but you need to purchase gifts for whatever holidays you celebrate, so why not double dip and make the gifts to share on your blog and give them for presents! Or, create gift guides!
  5. Schedule promotions - Taking time off should include time off of social media, so schedule as much as you can in advance.
  6. Be realistic - Just because you are taking time off doesn't mean that you can actually stay offline. You will want to check in on your friends, see what others are posting about and keep your Pinterest boards fresh. Plan for one hour a day of work during your vacation to peruse the internet like a normal person and celebrate what others have created!
  7. Email response - Create an email response to go out letting people know you are taking a holiday. Include a link to your FAQ, where they can find you on social, and whatever else pertains to your blog/business. This will give you the time to relax and the ease of mind that people will catch up with you at a later date.

If you start planning now and don't let the holiday season sneak up you, you should be good to enjoy those few days off when the time comes.