Basic Booth Instructions 

Whether you are thinking about sponsoring Altitude Summit or have already signed a contract, this page will help you navigate the process of creating an eye-catching, Instagram-able, and engaging booth area. 


The first thing to think about is the goal or focus of your booth. Do you want a space to sit down and talk with bloggers, do you want to maximize social shares with an installment, or do you want to showcase a specific product? 

  • Sitting Area: brainstorm a theme with your team that will reflect a distinct feeling - cozy, modern, casual, rustic, etc. Then build out a seating area to reflect that theme. You could work with the natural surrounding found in your selected area (colorful wall/bush), build a freestanding backdrop, or hang a backdrop. 
  • Installment: Alt attendees love when things are over the top! They want to interact with a display to create buzz-worthy content for their audience. If you can provide that within your booth area, the more exposure you will receive. Think along the lines of The Color Factory or The Museum of Ice Cream
  • Showcase: use what you are showcasing and make a display with it, create a backdrop using the product, incorporate an interactive contest using the product + hashtag, or bring in influencers to demonstrate. 

* Booths are available in 10x10, 10x20, and 10x30 sizes and are priced according to size. Need an even larger space? Check out the Palmetto Patio or the Sago Balcony (see images below). These are available for total buy out. Ask your Sales Lead for pricing and inclusions.

Or, If you want an intimate space ask about these options:



Booth locations will be determined in 2018 closer to the date of the event. A lot of factors go into choosing the specific booth space for each vendor (size, brand diversity, activation requirements, etc.). While we are happy to field location requests and will try wherever possible to accommodate them, please understand that Alt Summit reserves the right to make booth location decisions.


Instead of traditional sponsored snack breaks, we will be sending attendees to the sponsored booth spaces as a way to drive even greater attendee visits to booths. We encourage booth sponsors to have treats available during these times. You could consider a healthy snack like a veggie tray, something to satisfy influencer's sweet tooth, or a fun drink and simple snacks. See the catering menu here for options and pricing. 

*All snacks need to be approved by Kelly (the sponsor liaison) by January 10th to ensure that they are in compliance with the hotel.


You will enjoy the following inclusions in your booth sponsorship:

  • One power outlet provided to each sponsor space
  • One table and two chairs 
  • Note! Please let us know by January 10 if you need a table, chairs, or additional power. 
  • (Offered on a first-come, first-served basis if your assigned space is on the Jacinto Lawn) A 10x10 pop-up tent
  • Note! Please let us know by January 10 if you would like a pop-up tent. 
  • Participation in our Cabana Crawl event
    • The Cabana Crawl is a 2-hour event (date and time TBD) where Alt Summit attendees Balcony, Booth, Lobby, Patio, and Suite hop through the venue, getting up close and personal with all of our creative space sponsors. Pull out all the stops to entice our guests to make themselves at home in your booth during their Cabana Crawl journey as they stop to chat, build relationships with you, sample your products, enter for chances to win prizes, capture the perfect #selfie, share all of it realtime via social media, enjoy some refreshments, and anything else you have to offer.
    • Familiar with the mini parties past Alt sponsors hosted at our Salt Lake City Alt Summit events? The Cabana Crawl is the Palm Springs version of that. The same amount of creativity and fun, just outdoors with perfect not-so-winter weather.


Additional out-of-pocket costs can vary widely. Contact the vendors listed below (or your own preferred provider) in the resource section for quotes on specific items like:

  • Furniture 
  • Design and build-out
  • Delivery and set-up
  • Shipping - Because of the limited storage space available at The Saguaro, shipped items can not arrive before Friday, February 23rd. Storage rates (payable to the hotel) are as follows: 

$2.50 per box of 40lbs. or less per day
$5.00 per box of 41lbs. or more per day


The following companies are Alt Summit’s preferred providers

Canyon Copy and Print - signage, logos, backdrops, brochures, etc.

AVMP - audio visual
Michael Wilson:

Signature Party Rentals - party supplies, tables, decorations, etc. 
Linda Jenkins:

Classic Party Rentals in Palm Desert - furniture, linens, tableware, etc. 
Sharon Wyler:
Crystal Jennings:
760-343-5110 x165357

For more extensive services including concept, design, booth build-out:
Danielle Gibson Events

Set Up and Take Down:

 Set up and take down dates and times are as follows:

  • Set up can begin as early as 6 a.m. on Monday, February 26 and ideally, will be complete by 11 a.m. that day. 
    • Note! You may not use the Lobby to access the Courtyard for set up past 11 a.m., so please plan accordingly.
  • Take down can begin no earlier than 7 p.m. on Wednesday, February 28. Or you may take down your booth on Thursday, March 1. Everything must be out of the building that day by 2 p.m.